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Headley Tennis Club is fully committed to promoting behaviours and a culture that are supportive of all children, young adults and people at risk.  In support of this, the club has created policies for safeguarding, diversity and inclusion and health and safety.

(see below).

In addition to policies, the club has a welfare officer on the management committee. Currently this role is held by Caroline Skinner. Caroline should be contacted directly for any safeguarding or welfare matter on  Her details are also available on the noticeboard at the club.  Reports of safeguarding issues or concerns are confidential by their nature and we request that club members do not email the general club email with matters of this nature.

As part of the LTA’s ongoing drive to ensure that tennis venues are safe, accessible and inclusive environments, they have set out a set of safeguarding standards that registered tennis venues are required to meet.  


Headley Tennis Club regularly reviews these standards in order to ensure that we continue to uphold them.

Safeguarding Policies

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