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Please let Sue Lewis know the dates of any scheduled matches and the results of any played matches so that the results can be updated.

NOTE: to view the results spreadheet on your mobile device click here.


Matches to be played between Saturday 11th June  and Wednesday 31st August.

Finals Day is Sunday 4th September from 11.00 onwards. 

All matches will be played over two sets, with a deciding championship tiebreak if score is one set all. If pairs are tied on points, then games won will be counted. a championship tiebreak counts as two games.

The Ladies’ Doubles is a round robin event, with the top two from the group going into the final.

In the Men’s Doubles the winner of group A will play the runner up of Group B and the winner of Group B will play the runner up of Group A.

In the Mixed Doubles the winner of Group A will play the Winner of Group C and the winner of Group B will play the nest runner up overall.

In the Veterans Mixed Doubles everyone plays everyone and then the top two go into the final. Matches are two sets plus championship tiebreak if one set all. Three points for a win; one point for a set; championship tiebreak counts as 2 games.

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