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The coach at Headley Tennis Club is Liam Vacher.

Liam is LTA Level 3 Accredited and offers coaching at all levels.

Liam’s career started very differently as an accountant in an established law firm. At the age of 20 he left the finance world and decided to pursue his passion in the game of tennis. Liam started playing tennis at the age of 19 and has self-taught himself to a regional standard and in 2017 competed at a national level.

He still plays and competes regularly not only for himself but also in the various teams at Headley Tennis Club. After 7 years of coaching and running particular parts of programmes at tennis clubs in Hampshire, Liam has decided to take the leap and run his own coaching programme at Headley Tennis Club.

During his coaching career, Liam has worked with players of all ages from beginner to county, regional, national and international standard. Some of his career highlights to date include being the personal coach to the ITF senior world number 1 player, developing numerous performance juniors as high as international level and nurturing a player from beginner to county champion.

Not only is Liam a strong performance coach, Liam has a passion for grass roots tennis and in particular club team tennis where he has coached several club teams to top honours.

If you are a beginner or a fully fledged competitive player who is interested in the services of a coach with an infectious passion, strong philosophy and holistic approach to coaching - please get in touch at:

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